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On a serious note I had no idea how the tax system worked here and setting up a small business I found challenging. From the very start Vanessa and PFA were easy going and professional and got me starting off on the right track.

Being from a small island in the UK, our tax system is very different so I had a lot of questions and all were answered in a clear manner and in a way I understood.
I can pick up the phone or drop a message and I know Vanessa and the team will be there for me when required.

As a airport transfer business COVID hit me hard and my birthday (21/03/20) weekend away camping on was mostly spent answering calls from clients canceling bookings. In all I had 60 bookings for the rest of March and throughout April cancel.

After that disappointing weekend my thoughts went to how am I going to cover my outgoings when I have just lost all my income.

Vanessa worked very hard and we had some late night calls to try and claim job keeper and although I am up to date with all my tax and gst requirements job keeper/seeker was not available to me as I have not gained my permanent residency status yet.

Vanessa straight away offered to help me and my business survive by allowing me to hibernate the business and allow me some relief on accounts.

Things have turned around a bit with some help from many people including Vanessa and profit first I have diversified my business and am now delivering bespoke cheese & wine packages for 14 days of cheese and also picked Corporate courier work after their couriers let them down. I am now the preferred delivery partner of both a large local business and 14 Days of Cheese.

As a result of my partnership with 14 Days of Cheese I thought it only right to supply Vanessa with a beautiful Homestay Rose pack with wine and 7 carefully paired cheeses for her to sample and enjoy with her family as a small gesture of thanks for helping and supporting me through the tough times.

Vanessa and PFA have gone above and beyond in my eyes and I’ll be forever grateful.

Daniel Cravo

Owner, Driven By Dan

In the beginning our practice of cash allocation was certainly not perfect and I did have a constant reminder from my wife that she had been telling me to use this process for years.

The amazing part is the feeling of achievement and satisfaction when you put profit first, watching a pool of money grow on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling my wife that profit allocation was ours as a reward for our willingness to take the risk of building a business. This backfired when I told her our advisers told us it was going to be utilised for debt reduction and other things before personal reward, may I suggest under promise and over deliver.

We have always been sound financially but now we see great opportunity to take giant leaps forward, both in the business and personally. My wife is finally getting her dream, other than myself of course, of putting our profit hold/personal reward toward renovating our home (dream #1 – tick).

Haami Williams

Owner, Wirecon Group

Meeting Vanessa and having her introduce this simple approach has made money fun again! I am a complete rookie in this area, so it has been very empowering knowing I can genuinely and accurately understand the financials of the business after a quick look into our accounts. Most importantly – it’s allowed us to focus on the magic of our business without worrying about money.

Thank you so so much, Vanessa! You and the Profit First Method have single-handedly kept us in business. We appreciate you and truly can’t thank you enough.

Kristian Serainidis

Founder, Project KICK IT