More Flexible Appointments Than Ever Before!

Here’s what’s new and improved!

Email Tax Returns
We can now process your tax returns via email. Do you need more idea about how it works? All you have to do is send us an email at and we will respond with a checklist to get started. Pretty easy? Yes. Because all correspondence will be via email. With your busy schedule, you really do not have to allocate a certain time to do it. You can complete the tax checklist given to you whenever you are free!!!

Zoom Tax Returns
What is more satisfying than completing your tax returns in the comfort of your own home on the couch? We know how busy you are on a daily basis. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on a business trip, Zoom appointments take the stress and travel out of it. Book an appointment with us NOW!

Face to Face
If you are someone who prefers a face-to-face interaction to complete your tax return, no need to worry. We have got you covered! Just send us an email at or call us at 03 5979 2671 to book you a face-to-face appointment with the best accountants here at Profit First Accounting!

Tax Parties
Are you looking for an excuse to catch up with some friends and get your Tax Return done at some time in the privacy of your own home? Invite 5 or more people over for a glass of bubbles and let us do the rest! Email us now at to reserve your spot.

At Profit First Accounting, productivity and efficiency in your workplace is a must. Support your team and offer them the chance to have a team of accountants comes to them this tax season. Contact us now for more details!

Tax Season has just started! Let’s get you prepared and leave all the work to us!