Complete your Tax Return

With these Simple Steps!

Step 1: Tax Ready Confirmation

Please make sure that your Income Statement in myGov says Tax Ready. We wouldn't be able to proceed unless it is Tax Ready. For more details, you can visit our Facebook Page for instructions

Please do not proceed. Thank you. 

Step 2: Confirm Your Appointment

Make sure to schedule your appointment first. If you already have one scheduled, please let us know.

Step 3: Update your Contact Information

We need your updated information to process your Tax Return. If you have further questions, feel free to reach us out! 

Please make sure the country entered is Australia, or else, you wouldn't be able to proceed.

Step 4: Bank/Tax Details

Please provide us with your bank/tax details requested below.

Step 5: Tax Return Questionnaire

Before submitting this form, please make sure all fields are correctly answered. If the fields were answered with partial information, this will affect your tax return. Moreover affect the time we could complete it.

Please upload the logbook to the task checklist.

Please upload a copy of your prior year tax return to the task checklist.

Please upload file for your investment property deductions if any in the task checklist sent to you via email