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Vanessa, a qualified Bookkeeper who has been running her own Bookkeeping Service since 2010, suggested a joint venture of Mornington Peninsula Bookkeeping and Tax After Hours (owned by PFA’s former Co-Director Edie May) and worked hand in hand.

Vanessa started to engage with a business coach from The Game Changers leading to both deciding TGC could help them choose their new direction grow to a level to enable Edie’s retirement and for Vanessa to experience work/life balance with her lovely husband and children.

After an incident on PFA’s former Co-Director’s tax practice, Vanessa opted to create PROFIT FIRST ACCOUNTING and gain certification. After the presentation, it appeared to be an obvious fit and became qualified.

This method allowed them to work CREATING history rather than the previous accounting model in which they were DOCUMENTING history long after it had happened, and when little to nothing could be done to correct any issues. 

To this date, Profit First Accounting has over 300 clients with 2 bookkeepers, 1 junior accountant, and 1 tax returns specialist.


To serve Australian business owners who want to implement profit first and live debt-free. We are passionate about providing business owners with clarity, pathways, technology, and innovation to work with the profit first methodology.

We pride ourselves on always working professionally, with a smile on our faces, and in accordance with all laws. Our clients can always expect clarity! Understanding “your business serves you” forcing business owners to face facts.

“Cash is King”. Together we will eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.


Profit First Accounting helps Australian business owners innovate, systemise, and take Profit First.

“I started my business about 3 1/2 years ago, and found that the running of a new business, both in the field and the administration and bookkeeping was quite a juggle. Ensuring that I had enough money for things like insurances, loans, vehicle and trailer registrations, business expenses such as fuel and materials – I always found it to be a week to week and month to month struggle. Finding my feet and trying to get up and running as quick and as effortless as possible was quite the dilemma. The hands on was fine, but the bookwork side needed some love. I decided to employ the services of Vanessa and her accounting team to help me with the back of house side of things. And I haven’t looked back. “

Glenn Simester

Owner, Jims Mowing Somerville North

“In the beginning our practice of cash allocation was certainly not perfect and I did have a constant reminder from my wife that she had been telling me to use this process for years. The amazing part is the feeling of achievement and satisfaction when you put profit first, watching a pool of money grow on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling my wife that profit allocation was ours as a reward for our willingness to take the risk of building a business. This backfired when I told her our advisers told us it was going to be utilised for debt reduction and other things before personal reward, may I suggest under promise and over deliver. We have always been sound financially but now we see great opportunity to take giant leaps forward, both in the business and personally. My wife is finally getting her dream, other than myself of course, of putting our profit hold/personal reward toward renovating our home (dream #1 – tick).”

Haami Williams

Owner, Wirecon Group

“Meeting Vanessa and having her introduce this simple approach has made money fun again! I am a complete rookie in this area, so it has been very empowering knowing I can genuinely and accurately understand the financials of the business after a quick look into our accounts. Most importantly – it’s allowed us to focus on the magic of our business without worrying about money. Thank you so so much, Vanessa! You and the Profit First Method have single-handedly kept us in business. We appreciate you and truly can’t thank you enough. -“

Kristian Serainidis

Founder, Project KICK IT


Our Clients are Like Family

Running a new business may be intimidating, but you’ve always dreamed of opening your own cafe. Hiring a financial expert will definitely get you a headstart. Profit First Accounting can help you set up shop, from setting up your business name, Data File Setup, GST and ABN Registration.


who we are

Our Team of Experts

Vanessa Fiducia

“What if, rather than you serving your business, your business served you? What if you could turn a profit from your very next deposit? And what if you had the power to guarantee that profitability?

These are the words that PFA Director Vanessa Fiducia run her business on when she decided to open Profit First Accounting.

Profit First takes the behavioral approach to accounting. Using the formula, you pay for your expenses after taking your profit first, as opposed to paying your expenses first.

This reverse methodology has made Vanessa and the team an innovative firm with proven results to back it up.

Their simple solution, followed by more than 10 years of experience in bookkeeping and taxes, can instantly transform your business into a profitable business. PFA have helped many businesses break their downward financial spirals.

Richard Lather
Tax Returns Specialist

Dara Chheang
Junior Accountant

Clinton Turnbull

Julie Betteridge

Rhamcess Lopez
Executive Assistant

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